Beacon’s planning process when working with clients on their projects.

  1. Development of Project Task List and Timeline

  2. Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

    1. Review Client's goals and general status to date
    2. Review similar leases from other facilities for possible use in this process
    3. Participate in negotiating of MoU including:
      1. Review of drafts and proposals
      2. Review of impact of MoU on team operations
      3. Negotiation sessions with the governmental entity
  3. Site Location

    1. Review of environmental issues, documents and proposed procedures to address site issues and monitor project schedule
    2. Work with architect in evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of each site
  4. Team Lease

    1. Review of initial documents proposed by the governmental entity
    2. Participation in review sessions with Client to determine goals and strategies
    3. Review of similar leases for possible inception into this process
    4. Review and comment on ongoing lease drafts
    5. Review of impact of lease terms on team operations
  5. Team Planning

    1. Participate in overall planning sessions to determine:
      1. Goals
      2. Procedures
      3. Strategies
      4. Recommended Processes
    2. Participate in meetings with Client to review project issues and determine ongoing strategies to keep project in motion
    3. Participate in meetings with the governmental entity, as needed
    4. In conjunction with Client and other professionals, develop initial project budgets
    5. Develop initial project schedules, including preliminary milestones for monitoring construction performance, as needed
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