Beacon Sports Capital Partners, LLC was formed in 1997 as a boutique investment bank and financial advisory firm specializing in the professional sports industry and related businesses. Although professional sports ranks among the Top 20 in revenue of all US industries, it has rarely attracted the attention it might otherwise warrant from significant participants in the capital markets. League, franchise, and venue transactions are typically conducted in private with to no financial specifics disclosed to the public; as a direct result, capital formation is inefficient and deal specific financing can be challenging. These conditions can inhibit the formation/expansion of sports leagues, depressing the value of individual franchises while limiting the marketability of certain franchises within the industry. The market inefficiencies also hinder the development or renovation of new sports and entertainment venues, a critical component to the continued growth in revenue, profitability, and value of all sports franchises.

With the continued rise in franchise values and ever-present necessity for modern playing venues, there is a critical need for expansion of available capital formation sources in the professional sports industry. Due to inefficient capital flow along with the absence of industry-tailored financing, the business of acquiring, operating, and expanding the profitability of many professional sports franchises has become increasingly challenging. When the need arises to exit a sports investment, franchise owners and investors find few participants that have the industry knowledge and a network of relevant capital sources to maximize value in order to facilitate a quick sale. As a result, principles and prospective participants in the professional sports industry seek financial advisory services that address the challenges inherent in the business of professional sport ownership.

Beacon Sports Capital Partners, LLC was formed and continually operates to address these market needs. Beacon Sports and its personnel have completed over two billion dollars of sport and sports related projects representing private individuals and groups, municipalities, equity funds, and sports leagues.